Ford F150 Service Advancetrac Error Message: How one can Clear up it?

The “Service Advancetrac” error message signifies an issue with the traction management system.

It may be attributable to a foul battery, dangerous ABS sensor, low brake fluid degree, throttle physique malfunction, or a foul steering rack.

Within the subsequent elements, the right way to clear up the Ford F150 Service Advancetrac error message might be mentioned. 

Ford F150 Service Advancetrac Error: That means

When the “Service Advancetrac” message seems on a Ford F150, it signifies that AdvanceTrac, the car’s digital stability and traction management system is malfunctioning.

It should show “Service Advancetrac” if there’s a downside with the system, comparable to a sensor malfunction.

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How one can Repair Ford F150 Service Advancetrac?

Ford F150 Service Advancetrac error message normally means an issue with the traction management. Nevertheless it may also be a battery downside, brake system problem, steering problem or a throttle physique malfunction.

Motive 1: Weak Battery

One of many causes for the “Service Advancetrac” message could possibly be a weak battery. You could test your battery for corrosion and its voltage to make sure the well being of your battery.


Take away the adverse terminal first, then the optimistic terminals to test them for corrosion. If the terminals are corroded, clear them with baking soda and water. 

If not, then test the battery voltage with a multimeter. If the voltage is near 12.6 with the automobile turned off, then it’s wholesome. If the voltage is round 11 volts, which means it’s low on cost. If the battery voltage is under 10 volts, it means the battery is defective.

If the battery has low voltage, recharge it. Substitute the battery if it’s defective.

Motive 2: ABS Sensor Malfunction

A nasty ABS sensor could make the “Service Advancetrac” error message seem in your Ford F150. Together with that, you will notice your ABS mild turned on.


In that case, you need to test if the ABS sensor works. To test the sensor, find and take away it from the harness.

Then join it to a multimeter utilizing alligator clips. Set the multimeter to learn within the 20 kOhm vary.

Now, the meter ought to provide you with a studying between 800-2000 ohms. If the studying shouldn’t be inside this vary, the ABS sensor is malfunctioning. In that occasion, you’ll have to exchange the ABS sensor.

Motive 3: Brake Fluid Too Low

The traction management and the brake system each use brake fluid. So, when the brake fluid is simply too low, it could actually set off the “Service Advancetrac” and “Examine Brake System” lights.


Examine the brake fluid degree in your car. The brake fluid reservoir is normally positioned behind the driving force’s aspect engine bay.

If the fluid degree is low, add the advisable kind of brake fluid to carry it to the correct degree. 

Motive 4: Throttle Physique Malfunction 

In case your Ford F150 is displaying a “Service Advanctrac” message and never beginning, the throttle physique of your automobile is malfunctioning.

Additionally, typically the “Hill Descent Management” warning message also can pop up.

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Because the throttle physique might need a malfunction, it is advisable to have it checked.

Nevertheless, this could be a very difficult process due to the situation of the throttle physique. It’s finest to contact a mechanic for a throttle physique analysis and substitute.

Nonetheless, in the event you insist on doing the duties your self, here’s a video guide-

Motive 5: Dangerous Steering Rack

When you’ve got a foul steering rack in your Ford F150, it could actually set off the “Service AdvanceTrac” message in your dashboard. That’s as a result of the traction management system relies on it for info.


This resolution entails checking the steering rack and changing it if it’s defective. The analysis and substitute course of is very tough and takes greater than 6 hours. So, it’s finest to rely on an skilled.

For individuals who need to carry out the duties themselves, here’s a video information:


Is it secure to drive with service AdvanceTrac?

Sure, it’s secure to drive with the “Service AdvanceTrac” message displayed on the dashboard of your Ford F150. The message signifies that there could also be a difficulty with the traction management system. Nevertheless, it doesn’t essentially imply that the car is unsafe to drive.

Does traction management have an effect on the engine?

Sure, the traction management system can have an effect on the engine. To stop a skid, it reduces the engine’s energy output when one of many pushed wheels slips.

How does the Ford F150 traction management work?

The Ford F150’s traction management system is designed to assist the driving force preserve management and stability of the car in slippery or low-traction circumstances. The system works through the use of sensors to observe the pace of every wheel and detect when a number of wheels lose traction. To assist regain traction, the system will apply brakes to a wheel that spins sooner than the others.

Remaining phrases

Ford F150 “Service Advancetrac” message signifies a difficulty with the traction management system.

However typically, it’s accompanied by different warning lights or messages which may imply a completely totally different problem. That’s why correct reasoning and analysis are crucial.